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Kimber owners report in here!

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I've got three in 2 calibers, 45 and 10mm. I've seen on other forums people posting horror stories, but I've had good service from mine. A real pleasure to shoot and own. On another thread I posted about my high milage gold match, when it was new, the chamber was too tight and the custom shop fixed me up. 3 years ago, the link pin came loose and was staked in so I wouldnt loose it when I have it disassembled. Only 2 minor problems in years of shooting and thousands of rounds
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I too have had good luck with the Kimbers. I have the gold match which I truly love to shoot. I have a lightweight custom compact and CDP compact. The are all reliable and accruate shooters.

I have had a desire to buy a Grand Raptor Target model for some time now but I am trying to resist the urge to spend the money.
I've got some pics over on another thread, I bought my 10 last year and am really liking it. Awefully powerful for an auto. I really like Kimbers, and wish they would make a longslide, I want one in 10mm real bad...I couldnt buy one of those Raptors though, too nice to shoot.
Went to the range and rented a TLE stainless. Fired 50 rounds through and was impressed at how well the pistol handled. I am still leaning toward a Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec because of price but it started me thinking...... :shock:
Check this baby it off kimbers site. 5 inch barrel, aluminum frame, night sites, melt down treatment, very sweet. I say this cause I shoot mostly 200 swc target loads, combine that with this lightweight pistola and you would have one nice package...So many little money :cry:

I Had to amend this post after thinmking about it.

This gun is really for self defence, not target shooting. Light target loads are better in a heavier gun than a light one.

Still, it sure is sweet though.
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The gun store where I was at said that they had a Stainless TLE with night sights used for $795. The owner had traded it in after buying it the month before. Is this too much or just about right?
Sounds fair, after reading your previous post I went and checked it out on Kimbers site..suggested retail was 200 higher..As with any used gun, make sure your dealer will take it back if theres a problem. Sometimes when I see a nice 1911 in the used counter, I think "whats wrong with it?"
This is a pic of the CDP compact that I have. It has the melt down treament and night sights.

Mine has the old style internal extractor not the external one shown in the picture below.

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I wanted to add that the new Kimber Covert is an interesting model. Has a tan camo grip with the crimson trace laser molded in. Tan frame and blue steel slide. Its a nice look! It also comes in the 4" and 3" versions. I am not sure of the cost but with the laser its got to be 1K +.
red-rider said:
...So many little money :cry: ....
I feel your pain!.............

I don't have a Kimber - yet - but I have my beady little eye on a Tactical Custom II
I also have this Kimber:

Gold Match with adjustable sights.

I have a Kimber Custome Compact too: This one is the full size custom I didn't have a picture of the compact version.

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Just got my Gold Match 25th anniv model last Thursday. Hate to shoot it if it's destined to be a collectable, but so tempting I can hardly stand it. (sound of gritting teeth)
Hey Whompus, I had to click over to Kimber to check one out....I APPROVE..CONGRADULATIONS. :-B-: :D
i have a stainless pro carry II , and i love that gun-- it is the one i shoot the most- i have never had one failure with it-
whompuss said:
Just got my Gold Match 25th anniv model last Thursday. Hate to shoot it if it's destined to be a collectable, but so tempting I can hardly stand it. (sound of gritting teeth)
The Gold Match is a shooter! To set it in the safe and make it a safe queen would be a sad thing to do.

It tickles me to think about all the folks who spend 1K + on a gun and make it a collectible. Put the 1K in the stocks or Real Estate and over the 10-20 year period you will make far more money on your cash investment than you ever will on the runup in gun prices. There are exceptions of course but an average 10-15% return in the market will usually beat the inflation of gun pricing.

Smart buying of older guns can be the exception, like old coins.
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