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Has anyone had to place an order for a Kimber, Advanced Tactical 8400?
I ordered one, 11 and 1/2 months ago from what I think was a a company with a good reputation. They at first told me it would be a few weeks before I would get the weapon. Then it changed to any day now. Then I stopped hearing from them at all. I would email but get no response. I then called a few times to be told each time it would be hear the end of the month. I was told this again this week when I again called. Their person incharge of internet sales states that no one from Kimber will give a straight answer but says that he was told by Kimber again that it would be delivered at the end of the month. I asked this person if I should expect a call or email from them stating that they have received my weapon. He stated that if I do not have the weapon by the end of the month to call back.

If you have ordered one of these Kimbers have you had the same problem with Kimber or does it sound as though its the dealer?

The Dealer that the weapon was ordered through is Impact Arms in Utah. Has anyone had issues with weapons that have been ordered through Impact Arms?????

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I have never dealt with that outfit but I am sure Kimber has made many rifles of that model. Call Kimber and check and see from their end what's going on. I think your problem will be with the dealer. Good luck.
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