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I wanted to give thanks to the law enforcement officers. I know you have a difficult job. While at the same time there are areas that can use improvement. I am Staying away from race because that is not productive right now when people are being too emotional.

I believe there needs to be better training in interactions. Especially in rough encounters where people are distressed.

One of the biggest fears I have is I end up in one of these encounters with law enforcement. And how your trained dictates how you would handle a situation with me.

See I am a person with disabilities. I have hearing loss that classed deaf for normal communication. Along with a mental health complications due to severe bullying and bodily harm done to me for having those disabilities over decades. So I don't always behave like the average person. And some of my actions can be seen as threatening when it is simply me trying to better communicate with you. Like leaning towards you to better lip read and cupping my ears to better trap sound. I also easily get emotionally excited beyond level of what may seem normal. But it is my normal.

So I am going to have difficulty following verbal orders given me even when I am trying my hardest to comply and tying to predict what it is you actually want me to do out of fear of being tazed into pain compliance. which could actually kill me due to heart complications. Or out right shot because you misunderstood my actions or body behaviors especially when I am under extreme stress and am in fight and flight mode.

What I would appreciate from you is passing along a request to your bosses for better training regarding interactions especially is rough situations where there are factors that play that were not really covered normal training.
Like factors that make it difficult for people to follow orders. So long as no one is in immediate danger of severe bodily harm or death.

One example of a NO NO is grab someone who is in distress that has NOT activly indicated they were going to hurt someone or self. ALWAY talk us down no matter how long it takes. then solve the problem you were called to address. So everyone goes home.

I know every time I interact with police I am ALWAYS scared underneath. Even though you could not tell by looking at me. For you have the capacity to do great damage. I know that is not your intent. your there to uphold the laws that are broken that is all.

I thank you for that. its a job not everyone can do. And it is really hard on the psych even for the best. I get that. And I am saying I want to work with you in making our interactions go smoother. Not personally but as member of society. I do my share of letting you know about things going on in the community like open drug use, selling of stolen goods, criminal behavior, etc.

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