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Finally ordered my XD Mod 2 4" 9mm. It should be in Tuesday or Wednesday. (Ordered through Sportsman's Warehouse; out of stock, ship to store.) Yes, this is my very first gun. :8>)

Next question: What, if anything, needs to be done to prep it for shooting? Should it be good to go right out of the box? No telling how long it's been sitting in the warehouse - it's actually the discontinued model. so it's been waiting to sell for some time. Is it likely slathered with a preservative oil that needs to be cleaned off?

I'm sure there's a manufacturer's instruction sheet that tells me "everything". What else should I know??


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Disassemble the gun enough to properly clean it, in other words field strip it and thoroughly clean it and lube it. My experience with XD handguns is they are not overly coated with preservatives, but they have some and should be cleaned. Your instruction book will show you how to disassemble for cleaning. Remove the magazine and then simply pull the slide back and lock it open with the slide lock, check to insure the chamber is empty, rotate the assembly lever up 90 degrees, then pull the slide back far enough to release the slide lock and then slowly allow it to go forward until spring tension is relaxed. You will then need to pull the trigger and pull the slide all the way forward off of the frame. Remove the guide rod/spring assembly by lifting it free of the barrel, then lift the barrel out of the slide. Clean everything with some Hoppes or other gun cleaning or CLP, then lube according to the manual and reassemble in reverse order. Make sure all your metal parts have a light film of oil on them. A good gun grease works great on the slide rails, but if all you have for now is oil, use that. Oil should not be dripping out of the gun when you are done. Enjoy! They are good pistols, and easy to maintain. Get used to the takedown (disassembly) and reassembly of the gun. ALWAYS remove the mag and check the chamber before you work on this gun, or any gun for that matter, but having to pull the trigger to release the slide demands caution. Again, enjoy!

There are a couple usable videos on YouTube for cleaning the XD Mod 2; you might find them helpful too.

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1a) Read the manual
1) Clean, allows you to get familiar with the handgun.

2) Go to range and have a blast!

3) Come back and give us a report!

I used to own a XDM (don't own anything any more - long sad story) and it was great. Shot everything I put through it EXCEPT steel (Wolf ammo and such).
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