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Informal Gun Competition (Games)

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Wanted to ask if you had a informal competition that you and your friends engaged in while at the range? One that I used to have fun with was a game involving trap. We would all put a buck into the hat and line up parrallel to the trap house. The first shooter would say "pull" and have the first shot opportunity. If he missed, the second person in line could shoot and if he hot that knocked out the first shooter. If he missed, the third in line could shoot and if he hit it knocked out the other two shooters. If all three missed, the fourth shooter started the process over again. The maximum was 3 shooters at one clay pigeon. Last shooter left was the winner. We usually had between 15 to 20 shooters in any contest. It was cheap fun and good for some laughs especially watching to see people wait on shots so if they missed they could not be knocked out. When all was said and done, money usually went for beer and sandwhiches. :--- :-B-:
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Ours was alway "quick draw", Set up clay birds on stakes depending on sidearm of choice (revolver= 6/semi= 10-17) and who ever got the most out of a round moved ahead. each put in a quarter for each one missed. The last round was timed, same firearm, same targets. The person with the most hit in the shortest amout of time became the winner. The biggest pot I won was $100 in quarters.
i challenge my wife to different drills.

i always win but she gets pretty close every now and then.
Kick the the can and keep it movin.
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