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Impressive Restoration

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This is an industrial made weapon i got it from my elder brother's friend. but i am upset because YouTube demonetized my last restoration project. But i am keep doing my work and i am trying my best to show you best and Impressive Restorations. I hope you guys will enjoy the video

The chamber is not rotating with hammer because unfortunately the arm for rotation of chamber was missing. I'm curious it was possibly result of squib load for last shooting bullet that was stuck inside the barrel. While shooting that bullet something weird happened and projectile got stuck in barrel and the cartridge case with a massive recoil broke the arm of rotation of chamber and lost.

Filmed in Pakistan by local gunmaker for his fans on You Tube
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Is that your YouTube channel? I've seen the video before.
Jesus Christ!!

If there ever was a video on how not to restore an abused firearm, that is it. Its 'impressive' only in its crudity. That clown doesn't possess the proper tools, knowledge, mindset nor experience to undertake restoring a firearm.

Truthfully? I couldn't watch the whole thing!
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All he did was make it pretty. It doesn't even work when he's done with it which is probably a good thing the way he was grinding in the barrel, cylinder and forcing cone with a burr bit. The Phillips screws holding the trigger guard on, oh my!
Let’s hope that guy is the taliban’s armorer.
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Wow when the power tools came out that was enough for me.
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