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whompuss said:
I posted early on that I was active on another forum and would continue to remain so. Recent events have changed that. I just posted that I was leaving there. The straw that broke the camel's back was a post that was very racist toward the Amish people.
You will remember that a derranged milk truck driver barricaded himself inside an Amish school and executed a lot of children, then killed himself.
The Amish, went as a group, to the gunman's family and offered prayers for them and also forgiveness.
Here in the south we have Mennonites, an offshoot of the Amish. They are just as religious but drive cars, have electricity, telephones, etc. Last year a house burned in SE GA. The older couple had no insurance and lived on social security. In one weekend, the Mennonite neighbors went over and built a complete house for this homeless couple. They refused any payment.
In the short time this forum has been up and running I have not seen insults, profanity or racism. I believe I have found a new home that matches my values.

Sorry about that whompuss. Im glad you are apart of the forum. People like you are people that will keep this forum a great place. This forum WILL continue to be a NO TOLERANCE FORUM.

Once again sorry to hear whompuss.
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