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below is a copy and paste of the crap ive had to put up with from the springfield custom shop especially Deb.

dont get me wrong i like my xd and stuff. but if your gonna go to springfield custom for work. read this.

Springfield un did my Trigger job


about a month ago i sent my xd off for a new extractor and a black t finish.

i got the call about 5 min ago. telling me because my action job didnt pass there safety test so they installed all new parts. there supposed to be sending me the parts they took out to and i can put it back together. but its still annoying.
just called and tried to figure out what was going on.

DEB is a B*****
if that gets me banned so be it but she is a rude unhelpful lady. i was very courteous and had some simple questions and she pitched me nothing but attitude.
this is what my sponsor had to say on the subject.


I spoke with the the SA custom shop parts just now on other matters. My main contact there mentioned someone was upset with them for removing a trigger job.

They have a policy and they have a way of QC'ing things they way they do them. That is fine and acceptable, since we do things differently the testing method may be different. I was assured that had they known up front we did the work they would have just left it alone.

I was also assured his parts would be returned with the pistol, so he could put them back in when he gets it.

They are a big company and not so flexible, which may suck, but I've worked in big companies before and there are pros and cons.

So in summary, it sounds like Lee had a tough experience, but things will be resolved and he will have a few extra parts.

We've had great support from SA, but it hasn't been perfect. I am very greatful though that the people I deal with there care about their customers. They have really stepped up when it has been important.
update. well apparently Deb doesnt like me much. i now have to wait for the director of there custom shop to get back to get his seal of approval on my gun. this all could have been avoided if someone didnt have a holyer than thou attitude, i get the distinct impression that this one individual thinks that all us people calling for parts or finishies are wanna be gangsters and punkass kids. i dont know if she had a bad run in with aston kutcher or what.

the best advice i can give is if deb answers the phone hang up quick. keep calling till you get to talk to Rob.

dont ask for rob that puts her in her hoity toity mood.

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I suppose its a CYA routine mandated by management to protect the company from potiential lawsuits. All companies are going this route due to the large volume of legal eagles cleaning their clocks about anything and everything!

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At least they aren't charging you for the parts they install.

So Deb put you on the back burner, huh? Ever heard that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar?
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