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I think we all know this history.

Gun Firearm Revolver Trigger Airsoft gun

White-collar worker

Gun Firearm Revolver Trigger Airsoft gun

A little out of the ordinary but someone requested some photos of the firearms seized from the Dillinger Gang. Specifically of the Lebman/Lehman 1911.

For those of you wondering just what this is. These were a series of 1911s, which was a modified extensively, most notably being converted to full auto. This was done by a San Antonio Gunsmith and Saddle Maker by the name of Hyman Saul Lebman/Lehman. As the story goes, in 1933 he ended up meeting John Dillinger and Baby Face Nelson. A series of crimes later, the guns were traced back to him. Eventually Lebman/Lehman found himself in hot water with the FBI, and eventually he was charged with violating the infamous NFA of 1934.

He would have went to prison but interestingly enough he never served a day in prison and was allowed to continue to work in his trade. Though as the years dragged on he would face some health problems in the 1970s, forcing him to finally retire from gunsmithing and selling firearms, it's often said a certain newly formed three letter agency formed years earlier, had pressured him into retirement.

(From collecting guns, Pinguin Books 1968)
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