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I need help with info on an A.zoli (Angelo zoli) shotgun

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I recently acquired an over and under 12 gauge made by A.zoli believed to be Angelo zoli. The gun is also stamped Michigan ducks unlimited #1 of 300. I have talked with ducks unlimited and gotten no help unfortunately on value or when it was made. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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There are a few Zolis, so pics would be helpful
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A. Zoli's are all over the map on values. The '' site is what I use for a price list. The bulk of the seller on that site are commercial sellers so they don't go nuts over a gun simply because it once belonged to uncle BillyBob. The Blue Book of gun values is less than worthless evaluating a firearm. So I us this site.
Now there are many factors the come to bear on a guns value. But the above site will give you a taste of what you have in your possession. I believe you are going to like what you find on that site. :thumbsup:
Good news/bad news.

Good news: your gun was made in 1990
Bad news: I know that because the date code for 1990 is AZ in a square down with the proof marks.

So the AZ does not stand for Angelo Zoli. The maker's mark is almost certainly the RL in the circle up above the proof marks. That does not ring a bell. Possibilities include one of the Rizzinis or the rather obscure Rigarmi.

It's a nice looking gun. Nothing else in the barrels, under the forearm to give us more info?
As in any gun sale, what it's worth is whatever someone is willing to pay.

All guns are nice and most ask too much for them as they are now considered USED guns, even if never fired.

I like NEW or home built better than anything else. If it goes bang every time you pull the trigger, then it's a keeper.
Wow! What a coincidence an A Zoli gun from 1990! Cool. But weird. A Zoli went bankrupt in 1988, so the 1990
Proof date suggests they were still assembling guns while under receivership by the Bank of Brescia. So, the RL mark remains a mystery - perhaps the A Zoli parts were sold on and RL were the assemblers? I actually spent some time trying to figure that RL out, to no avail.

Choked IC/M, which is useful.

Value will be hard to determine especially given dating. It’s a good field gun with a strong Brescia action. Parts may be very hard to come by although there will be some interchangeability with other Brescia actions. It is unlikely to have any collectibility. My guess, and that’s really all it is, is that in a private sale you could get somewhere in the $500 -$600 range.
There's a lot of info about Antonio Zoli guns out there, but I am having a hard time finding much on Angelo
Well, Angelo went bust pre-internet, so that’s one reason. He was a price point manufacturer, not bad guns, but made to meet importer pricing, and didn’t do many high end guns. The most likely issue, if there is one, is with the single trigger. Is it selective or does it fire the under barrel first then over? If non selective, it should be problem free. Sometimes with price point guns, and there is no history of this with Angelo that I’m aware of -it’s more a generic issue - the selector can be dodgy.

Otherwise, that should be solid field gun.
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