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Born and raised on a farm during the 40's and 50's it was the custom to keep hogs for use as a clean up squad after harvesting corn and peanuts, as the early harvesting equipment left a lot of waste on the ground. Sooner or later a hog would escape and go to the swamp. As the hog became feral he would come out and damage the crops.
There was a local bubba with a tracking hound and pit bull. He would start the hound at the scene of the most recent activity and we're off, the pit bull lagging behind. Eventually the hound would corner the feral at the edge of deep water. The pit bull would eventually catch up and grab the hog by the neck. We had to hurry as the hog would drag the dog into the water and drown him once he couldn't shake him. The adults carried .45 LC, I carried a Ruger .22 mag. I usually got to shoot the hog behind the ear which was a direct brain shot, the hog dropped like a brick. Bubba's pay was $25 and he got the hog.
I'd love to hear your feral hog hunt stories.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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