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Howdy everyone!

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Well, glad to see another board like this one...I live in Swampeast, MO where our ticks and chiggers drag you under bushes so the big ones won't take you away from them. My favorite shooting is long range big bore, but I like to hunt and shoot pistols as well, and reload...I'm also a scoutmaster and I really love the outdoors, Missouri is the perfect place for that...
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Hi Critch from the Land of Lincoln. Anywhere near Cape Girardeau - been there a couple of times to play golf and you are right about the bugs!
no bugs in alaska thank god. but when i was station in north carolina them gross little bastards were everywhere
Well, I guess I hadn't said, "Hi" to you yet. ...HI!

So, y'all have bugs there in Missouri? Just a guess!


a/k/a "The Gunrunner"
I enjoy your posts! Good job!
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