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Let’s look at how the flintlock system works, and what the major parts do in that system. The primary parts are the hammer with flint attached, the frizzen that the flint/hammer combination strikes to create the shower of sparks, and the pan which holds the blackpowder that is ignited by the sparks created by contact between the flint and frizzen. That spark goes through a flash hole touching off the charge in the barrel behind the ball. I’m not going to get into minute details about the ignition system, but suffice it to say that it works well.

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The flintlock was the primary ignition source in firearms for over 200 years.
If you know how to tune the lock properly, they are very reliable and quick.
Not so much on reloading though.
They are a blast to shoot. The smell of black powder and all that smoke puts a big smile on your face.
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