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7 years old. Single Shot Remington 22. 22shorts for ammo. My Grandad lived in town & had a 4' x 8' X 1/2" sheet of steel in the back of his garage. I sat out at the street at the end of the driveway & shot hundereds of rounds through that old rifle. Grandpa said that it was the best baby sitter he owned! That would have been 1959 or 60. I own that same house now & a few years ago, a friendly policeman stoped by to let me know that I couldn't shoot my trusty pellet rifle in my yard. I said OK, then I told him about Grandpa's baby sitter. He just stood there for a little bit, then got back in his car a drove away, shakeing his head. :) Of course, I try not to shoot in the yard anymore! :-B-:
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