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I think it went correctly, but state laws severely limited the residents abilities.
Tulare County, California

> men posing as sheriff’s deputies attempted a home invasion and got more than they bargained for from the family inside.
> forced their way into the living room area, they busted the front door."
It was at this point the occupants inside the home knew the suspects were not law enforcement since they weren’t wearing uniforms or badges and a gunfight broke out between the homeowner and the home invaders.
> The suspect who was shot died at the scene while the other suspects made a run for it after their attempted home invasion.

> Tulare County Sheriff's Lt. Joe Torres.
"Although we are in the early stages, it was a home invasion that went terribly wrong,"
What kind of reasoning results in that conclusion?

They did not indicate number of attackers. Just "Suspects".
In the state of California, the legal magazine capacity is 10 rounds
Good the resident was able to prevail.

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