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Glad you joined, this place is getting bigger every day but it's sure not "crowded"!


a/k/a "The Gunrunner"

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One thing is the internet.

I think my Son is still irritated at Scott.

The other thing is life.

Thanks for the kind words.


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Welcome to the forum Doug. Good to have you aboard!

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A1! You old pirate - they got you, too, eh?!!! :-B-:

.... ladies and germs ... may I propose a toast to my ole 'buddy up thar in them ole woods!"

Doug's the onlyest guy I've ever met with a ramp sight on the front of his Kamikaze Yugo!
Yep! That's right folks, Doug and his kin are 'automotive deer hunters!' I just can't quite
tell if they're aiming at the deer OR the deer are aiming at them! :eek:

Good to see you here too, buddy!

(((((.... psssft! Ask him about his air museum - danged if he ain't got the biggest wooden plane
ever built, there - but sadly - it don't fly!)))))
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