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Been watching the Ruger forum couple years
actually joined it
saw this one, liked it

Sure will be a sad day when Hillary takes away my .44
What in heck to do with all these bears?
Love 'em to death?
Fishing without my Redhawk makes me nervous...

Got an idea, though
get out the vote!
Lots of people do not vote
But use your rights or lose them
Hold your nose and pull the lever
for a candidate that supports the Constitution.

These forums may be a way to get that done

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Welcome to the forum, Cheechako. No -- I don't think that .....person...or any other wannabe president will take your Redhawk or any of our personal firearms. Not unless she wants to see a REAL revolution!

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Welcome from the Land of Lincoln! I agree that Hillary will not want to face that battle at least until a second term (God save us if it comes to that).
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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