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My son is going to buy another cabinet. Were going to put the air rifles in it. And keep it in our living area. It will give us more room for firearms. And make a decoy for robbers.
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Sorry, it’s been a while since I posted this. I just picked up this rifle yesterday. First impressions are that, for the money I paid, it’s worth it. Let’s cover some of the gun itself.

Here’s a pic of the whole thing. It’s much smaller than I expected. That’s fine though, given the way it’s held, it’s quite comfortable to hold. Weighs in at 4lb 2oz with sling installed.

Outerwear Textile Sleeve Collar Grey

The barrel was a surprise. It’s a well made nice thick solid barrel. Notice it isn’t sleeved like many cheap .22’s.

Wood Bicycle part Metal Hardwood Wood stain

Standard front blade sight. I am actually impressed with the barrel. It’s nicely machined and finished.

Wood Wood stain Hardwood Tints and shades Cylinder

The sling strap it with was also pretty heavy, thick leather. I expected a very cheap thin piece. It was very stiff and a bit difficult to get installed because of that but once in place, more than enough for carrying it.

Brown Wood Sleeve Flooring Floor

The cylinder is also one solid piece. this is a plus. I know that the Chiapa I looked at a while back had a sleeved cylinder.

Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim Spoke Gas

The cylinder and barrel are machined steel. The cylinder frame and grip frame appear to be the same cast alloy as their other handguns. A little rough but not bad. I will say that the casting on this one is one of the better ones I’ve seen from Heritage. The last one I looked at, the lettering appeared very blurry/distorted. The lettering on this one is crisp.

Gas Revolver Gun accessory Auto part Metal

The odd safety has always been a turnoff on the cheap Heritage revolvers. It’s always bigger in my mind though than they actually are. On this model, it really doesn’t appear too out of place. No, I don’t think it belongs there but given the size of this gun, it doesn’t stick out and say, “Look at me!” It’s also not difficult to reach.

Wood Bicycle part Sculpture Art Hardwood

Brown Wood Revolver Handgun holster Bicycle part

Revolver Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel

The stock very much reminds me of the stock on the basic Henry classic .22lr. It’s what you’d expect on a $260 rifle. You can also see one of the sling clips attached to the sling mount. They are cheaply made and not very heavy but likely heavy enough.

Shoe Wood Rectangle Beige Waist

As for shooting is, as I said before, it’s quite comfortable to hold even though looking at it appear that it would be awkward. The blast from the cylinder gap was surprisingly big. When you shoot a .22 revolver, one doesn’t even think about the blast from cylinder gap. The quiet .22 just doesn’t draw attention to it. When you shoulder it, however, you get a whole new respect for the cylinder gap. It was a surprisingly big blast and it’s right up there in your grill. I fire 6rds from it and felt just a couple speckles of debris on my face from the gap. I wouldn’t recommend shooting it without eye protection. Even a very small piece of hot metal can cause you a world of suffering if it gets in your eye.

Cylinder timing and lockup was very good. That is a must check with any revolver but especially one you are going to shoot that close to your face. If you get one, always remember to check it before use. Extra attention should be taken with a very low end revolver simply due to the quality of materials in the parts.

All in all, it’s different, it’s definitely got that western gun look and feel. I have not had a chance to check the accuracy but as long as that is good, I think it’s a keeper.

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Ya need to stop.......your posts give me the itch and I do not want to scratch!

It does look good, the wood is surprisingly good.
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