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Look What the Cooks Dragged In ... down under, in the Land of Oz!

A TERRITORY author has found a novel solution to a feral cat problem – serve them up for dinner.

Alice Springs children's author Kaye Kessing has entered her sauteed cat and quandong in this year's Wildfoods Recipe Challenge of the Alice Desert Festival.

She chose the dish ahead of her other feline favourite, the "caterole".

The secret, says the feral chef, is to make sure the cat is well done so that any bacteria is killed.

"It's a white meat but I would say it's not as gamey as rabbit," Ms Kessing said.

"It has to be cooked to tender perfection."

Her recipe is simple. It combines the cat meat and quandong with some native lemongrass and some Murray River salt.

The mixture is then thrown in a frypan before simmering away in a crockpot.

"I would never boil a cat -- I would roast it or chop it up and saute it," she said.

Ms Kessing said she first ate cat about 15 years ago, inspired by local Aborigines.

"The Aboriginal mob eat kangaroo and all the stuff we now eat so I assumed it would be OK," she said.

Ms Kessing said Territorians should be eating more wild meat to help reduce the feral animals' impact on the environment.

Other favourites in her wildfood cookbook include feral pigeons and camels.

"As far as I'm concerned, there's a free feed in most people's back yards,"
she said.

But Ms Kessing is yet to come up with a culinary delight for cane toads.

"I haven't ventured there, don't know if I will ... maybe cane-toad legs.",23599,22 ... 62,00.html

Some People will eat anything!

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Eating cat ain't no biggie,when you've witnessed people cooking up a pot of rat meat,and eating rat.

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There is just something disturbing about eating cats or dogs...... I know it's common in some asian countries, and I suppose it's a case of "different strokes for different folks". I couldn't do it - unless it was a case of survival!
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