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here is a great TV show with a lesson about hunter safety

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An old episode of Lassie. 02/26/1961

A boy's dog gets shot to death by a hunter for a deer.

1. hunters: always know exactly what you intend to shoot and recognize your target before pointing your gun at something that moves
2. dog owners: your dogs are never safe in the deer fields during the deer season running loose

The Slocums, a hillbilly family of three hit hard by the drought, stop at the Martins while enroute to the city in order to look for factory work jobs. When the son overhears his parents talking to Timmy's parents about giving away the son's dog because they can't afford to feed it, he runs away to live by himself in the woods with his dog. Timmy and Lassie find the the boy and his dog hiding out in a cave and try to convince him to come home. TRIVIA: The title refers either to the original name of the Slocum boy's dog "Cracker Jack", but the name was changed before the episode was filmed (due to copyright of a popcorn snack food called Cracker Jack), and the dog's name was re-written as "Mitchell". Strange that they didn't change the title as well.Two great character stage and screen actors share a supporting role in this episode: Ellen Corby as Pearly Mae, and James Griffith as Pa Slocum.
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