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When afriend of mine told me he found the ultimate handgun I had to say I was a bitskeptical. Sure, it sounded great to fire a heavy duty pistol round and ashotgun shell, but seriously what would you use it for? Seems I had a lot tolearn.

Taurushas introduced a handgun perfect for the outdoorsman. Imagine hiking on the wayto your favorite tree stand and finding one of the denizens of the forestblocking your path. Granted most will either run or slither off, but some, likethe cottonmouth, is no respecter of size. So unless you are a master of thedance while loaded down with your gear, firepower may be your only option.

Chamberedfor the .410 shotgun shell, the Taurus Judge packs an effective package ofshredding power to reliably send the slithering monster to his eternal reward.However, if the troll blocking your path stands upright in challenge, the Judgealso fires the .45 Colt cartridge – a half inch diameter hole going in and anhole you can’t cover your hand with coming out.

"TheJudge" is the appropriate name for this five-shot revolver. Weighing in atjust under 36 ounces, the Taurus Judge comfortably holsters on the hip oracross the chest, ready to dispense justice at both long and short distances.

Theelephant in the room is always the question its use as a self defense weapon.The .410 shotgun shell proves that this revolver is a close range proposition.At ranges greater than twelve feet, the shot pattern opens rather quickly. Sodistance is a factor to keep the pattern tight enough to assure a quick kill.Keep in mind the added dimension of the shot gauge will determine whether thecarjacker who jerks your door open and demands your vehicle, receives a facealtering birdshot or a closed casket funeral.

Atdistances longer than twelve feet, .45 Colt loads is the answer. Accuracy iswhat you would expect for this tried and true load. Recognize that the Taurus Judgeis not meant to be a paper-punching target revolver, but rather a practical andversatile fighting weapon. One online recommendation I saw suggested two numberfour shot load followed by three hollow points might be the ideal for conflictresolution.

In myexperience, the trigger pull was smooth in single action measured a clean fourand three-quarters pounds. The double action measured in at noticeable butreasonable nine and one half pounds. All told, this is a lot of fun to shoot! TheTaurus ‘ribber’ grips and padded back strap are both comfortable and recoilreducing thus taking the bite out of the Judge’s bark.

Versatileand attention getting. Pack extra ammo for all of the guys at the range who wantto shoot it. See more gun reviews on atFacebook / YankeeTactical and coming soon
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