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Recently I purchased a couple of Henry Silver Boys. What they are is Golden Boys but rather than the Brasslite finish they are finished in Nickle which I think is a little more durable for a finish. I also think they look better but that's just our opinion.
Years ago I had a Marin 39a and really loved it but 50 years ago we fell on hard times and sold it.
I have had many .22s over the years but never one that felt and shot as well as that Marlin.
As the 39a is no longer made I started reading reviews and found that everyone seemed to like the Henrys. Not cheap by any means and I wanted a pair of them for my wife and I.
After two outings now and lots of ammo though them, adjusting the sights and getting a good feel for them I think they are as good as the old Marlin was. That may start an argument but so be it.
We are in our 70s but still love to shoot after all these years.

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Henry’s are very good guns and the owner stands behind them. The lever action is smoother than ones from much more expensive guns.
My friend grew up down the street from the factory when they were in Brooklyn, NY. He bought one and there was an issue with it. He was going back to Brooklyn to visit his parents so he stopped by the factory. It was a Saturday and it was closed but he knocked on the door anyway. A guy answered the door and they started talking, so the guy says come on in. He takes my friend to the shop and addressed whatever the problem was. Then he says “ how about we do some custom stuff?” He polished some internal parts and made the action super slick. Then he accented the engraving with sliver and buffed the metal, all for no charge. Anthony Imperitore is the owner and a real nice guy as well as the people who work there. Now they’re made in Bayonne NJ! A gun made in NJ?
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