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Hello this is my first post. Please excuse me if I violate any guidelines. I just was passed down a Zavasta M77. I was told this was an early model made in Serbia that century imported. not one that century made here in the USA. I was also told this is a factory wooden thumb hole stock. The barrel has zero markings. The side of the weapon says C.A.I GEORGIA,VT

The serial is N-M77004003 and right underneath says ZASTAVA SERBIA

Behind the safety it says READ OWNERS MANUAL BEFORE USE. The only other marlin is right below the iron sights , looks like an etched hot air ballon, next to it is a BTB but the top of the T extends over the B‘s. Then a number 13. It’s hard to see.

Next, what’s its worth ??? Not selling it. It has a muzzle break and what I was told an original scope mount .


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