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I inherited a handgun that I would like to know i the value of. Here is the info.- Colt Frontier Scout 22 LR Serial no. 156410. I was told by Colt mfg. that this was a 1st generation gun, manufactured in the 1800's. The gun is in excellent condition. Any help is appreciated.

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Here's a 2004 list of values:

100% = New inBox

100% $600
98% $425
95% $325
90% $250
80% $200
70% $175
60% $150

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Frontier Scout Model 1957 - 1971

Introduced to meet public demand for a smaller and lighter Single Action Army - and perhaps inspired by Sturm, Ruger's Single Six .22 - this scaled down version of the SSA chambered for .22 LR (beginning in 1957) with an interchangeable .22 WMR or Magnum cylinder (introduced in 1959). It was offered with a 4.25, 4.75 or a 9.5 inch Buntline styled barrel, and an alloy frame that cuts about 8 oz. from the standard SSA weight.

First year production frames were duotone with the frame left in the white and the balance of the revolver blued. Grips were black checkered hard rubber. All blued models and walnut grips became available in 1958. In 1961 the duotone model was dropped from production. The duotone revolvers all have a "Q" serial number prefix. The blued models have a "F" serial number prefix.

In 1960 the "K" series of Scout was introduced and featured a heavier - Zamac alloy - frame, a nickel plating option and walnut grips. The majority of commemorative revolvers are of this type. This series was discontinued in 1970.

Frontier Scout Model SAA 1962 - 1971

This is basically a scaled-down version of the Single Action Army chambered for .22 LR rimfire cartridges. It was offered with a 4.75, 6 or 7 inch barrel. The earlier production has case colored frames with the remainder blued; later production, probably in 1971, is all blued. Grips are checkered hard rubber. These revolvers have a "P" serial number suffix.

Blue Book values for these revolvers have not changed since 2004.
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