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I go by whompuss,
I'm a semi retired senior citizen from SE GA who has loved guns since I was old enough to pick one up. I spent most of my adult life working as an arson, fraud and theft special investigator for insurance companies. I also worked in concert with police agencies as a non post certified Special Investigator. Now i do the same thing as an independent contractor for any company that will pay my fee bill. :)
I am an avid collector, mostly hand guns, specialize in special editions and hard to find items such as WW2 German editions, anything Walther or FN. Have one or two "one of a kind in the world" handguns. Have a few select long guns like pre ban Colt Hbar green, Ak47 pre ban Legend, Belgium Browning Sweet 16, Parker Bros 20, LC Smith 16.
Used to hunt anything that walked or flew, now arthritis and major surgeries have limited me to just shooting.
I shoot for fun, don't compete any more 'cause I have lost my edge. Turned that over to #2 son, 11 years combat arms specialist, now Air Force OSI Special Agent, currently holds record for FLETC Special Agent handgun course. My #1 son is an Air Force civilian contractor, writes code for Defense Dept special proects, can shoot the gonads off a flea at 20 yards with his Glock 17.
I look forward to getting to know you guys and gals. (forgot to mention, my beautiful wife is hell on wheels with her Ruger Single Six. Specializes in shooting snakes tring to get into our pool. Current score: Marilyn 5, snakes 0)

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Hi whompuss - welcome and glad to have you aboard.

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Hey, whompuss -- Glad you joined. Lots of great folks here.


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