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Hello from Upstate NY

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I stumbled across this forum in searching out info on something gun related. I spend hours of my life doing just that since dh and I opened our gun shop. Yes, a gun shop in NY. :eek6: My end of the business was supposed to be the paperwork. That lasted about 2 days. I am humbled every day in this shop. I have met some kids with a knowledge level that is very impressive. Some old farts that have history lessons galore. I am a member on a couple of forums, I am always interested in listening to what people think on events, guns and whatever. I do not have much time to cruise around but will on occaision. I am supposed to be retired but am working more hours than I have in a few years. We have a small farm and I sometimes get to visit my house during the daylight hours.:lol: As to shooting, haven't had time since we opened. Something wrong with that.
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Welcome! Do you specialize in any particular guns or areas?
Welcome from NJ!
Welcome! Do you specialize in any particular guns or areas?
We are really encouraging reloading. We can order most anything in the gun dept. Until I got into this I did not realize how many toys are associated with guns. I think our specialty is friendly customer service. Sometimes I think we talk too much!
Going into business doing the thing you love is sometimes not a good idea unless business is that thing that you love.
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Greetings and Salutations
Greetings from NW Iowa! No range time? Way too busy!
Welcome from a fellow "Upstater"
Welcome aboard.
Welcome from NC!
Welcome from Beaumont, Texas, where the Beaumont Rice Mill was the first commercial rice mill in Texas and is still operating today.
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