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Hello everyone,

First time gun owner here due to what has been going on lately. I really like my new G3. I held quite a few guns at the gun show and this one felt the best in my hand. I tried out a Sig Sauer P320, FN 509, Glock 19X, Ruger Security 9 and a Springfield XDM Elite. I have not been to the national gun forum, however I'm anxious to see how this gun stacks up to the M11 and M92A2 I shot while in the Military. I'm not new to guns, just never owned one before.
Guns I have fired:
Mk.23 SOCOM - Cadillac gun here
SKS - Friends gun

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Welcome to NGF sir.

(The G33 is a good choice. When I had 'em, I loved both my G27 (.40) and G33 "pocket pistols." I got an after market barrel (KKM) for the G33 in order to shoot the hotter Corbon rounds safely. FYI: You'll void your warranty from Glock if you do the same.

I kept the KKM barrel and sold the G33 with it's stock barrel. I still have the G27, and it will accept the G33's barrel perfectly, so I still have the ability to load up with the hotter stuff that remains.

The lightweight (i.e., polymer) tends to make it somewhat snappy, but I do not plan to use it for anything past 10 yards.)

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Welcome from NC!
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