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Hi everyone!

I'm a new gun owner (and new gun forum member) and looking to find the best place to purchase .40 cal SW ammo. I know I live in the worst state to own a hand-gun but I decided to do it before they completely ban hand-gun ownership altogether.

My local gunshop sells 50 rounds of .40 cal SW for $25. It used to cost only $20 but they've upped the price.

Any ideas? Which online vendors will ship ammo to California?

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Welcome from Texas.

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Welcome from Virginia.

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Hello and welcome from Southern California.

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

Also thanks for the links. When looking for ammo online I noticed a variety of 'Grain' values like 100 grain, 165 grain, 180 grain. Is it the higher the number the more gunpowder in the cartridge?

For target practice could I go with the lower grain ammo?


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Greetings and Salutations.

I can beat that price.

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hello from idaho

hello natomasboy, am a refugee of california myself but escaped several years ago. the weight you are talking about is the weight of the bullet. 180 grain is about the heavyest. heavyer the bullet harder the recoil useally. use a lite bullet for practice 160, 165 grain a heavyer hallow point for defence . the ammo problem is only going to get worse in california, if not now then later. you see the democrates and liberals DON'T LIKE GUNS OR GUN buy were you can and stock up. take a trip to nevada now and then and you can get some cheaper deals. the best thing to do is get started in reloading to cut your costs. its not hard and makes you very self supporting in you hobby. oh yes, i didn't tell you,the demos and libs. DON'T LIKE RELOADERS EATHER. which makes reloading even more fun. good luck, gotzguns

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Welcome from Michigun!

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What I'm realizing is in California we have the following restrictions:
- No Carry and Conceal Weapon permits
- No magazines more than 10 rounds
- No hollow point ammo for civilians
- No firing at intruders unless they are intruders with a deadly weapon

Anybody wanna buy my new hand gun that I've yet to fire?!! Just kidding.. but man!

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Welcome from here if havent chatted to you yet....glad your here...

You been given good advice from good people....dont get discouraged when you hear all the "commiefornia" gripes...I'm sure it is tough....

I'll throw in some 2 cents worth...I'm good at that :crazy:

-I tell this to any newer weapon user I can...for defense..we know penal codes vary by state/cities....I offer this advice as I would to sure you know this anyway....but bear with an old toot....

Keep weapon safe place..especially if kids around...
Make decision you will use it in "self defense lethal reason mode "
then..practice with weapon often as possible and learn ALL about it you clean and safe working

Try take some or any acredited safety/home defense ...etc
course or documented attendance...not only for info you get/need...but something like this weighs very heavy in your favor as for a"possible" need later as to your intent and actions per responsible ownership..etc...!

Yes, I do believe HP not allowed in all means....obtain a box of
"Hornady" self defense ball or solid ammo..."labled" self defense ammo....and keep box/labeling/code...etc. as long as you have some of it to load....not only will be using "listed" ammo for defense...but will also be in your favor should incident ( god forbid) happen....

Also as said...if you can get a little bread together or when you do...indeed hit Nevada line or other states ?...and get a load to carry back...get for others also...may be quantity discounts or at least get gas money for the errand...I do "think" there are strict things in CA about when you bring a weapon "into" the state from elsewhere...etc..I dont know about ammo import...PM Popeye..he will know...and better yet...get ammo from him if you can or who he would recommend...his references to helping people and his demeanor and concern for the laws as he can relate or advise to do or check commendable.....

These are just some "opinions" from practice..practice and get confident with pistol...I only have two carry pistols ( I dont count my snubnose )..and usually carry my we both have a good defense caliber pistol..! Yes..HP would be better for your stopping power and help in round not going on to innocent or property...but just use the ball and folow the law...:thumbsup: - Whatever your mag holds...I keep one or more less in it to help make sure I have plenty of spring if needed in defense...thats just you think on that one....

If any of us can help let us know.....I sure enjoy this forum since being disbled recently...its good to come welcome....


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