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Have you got a 3-day kit?

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After watching Survivor Man on discovery channel and what happened to the people during Katrina, I made a kit for emergencies. I bought a couple of books on survival and made a backpack sized kit with all the goodies I would need for any situation short of a blizzard. In the house, I keep water stored to last a few days and canned good too.......And...NO, I not a nut....just prepared.
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ive got a 2 day backpacking set up that i always keep loaded up incase the urge hits me. its pretty loaded out and come time something like that happens i can loot what i need
o and i keep about 1000 rounds of 223 handy and at least 4 loaded mags. along with my one beta c mag(100 rounder) that never takes a set so you can leave her loaded forever. i rotate out the mags tho
I'd love to have one of those beta mag, just cant afford one. If the situation arose, I'd probably stand there in front of my safe scratching my standing in front of the fridge and cant decide what to eat..I'd probably use my kids like mules...HAHA!
kids + lots of guns= pack mule.

sounds logical to me
I have my old ALICE pack ready (including the old K-Bar) and two medium carrys with the essentials such as water, MRE's (which beat the heck out of C-Rats), thermal blankets, couple small flares, matches etc. I have kept these up to date since living in San Francisco. Out there it was called it earthquake preparation. Now it is "just in case" for car travel trips.
Check out (shameless plug)
They use the zombie thing as a metaphor for being prepared for when TSHTF.
They have all kinds of good ideas for BOBs. I Found it to be a very helpful forum.
zombie hunters got some good stuff but you need to watch who you listen to on there. lots of kids with theoretical experience
small bag two sets of poly pro long johns,and 1 nylon jogging suit top/bottom with silicon spray, these pack really small and are quite warm in cold weather, dry fast if you need to wash them, watch cap,two briefs/socks, led lights,nail clippers,meds,gloves,cheap pocket knife, pad/pen,mre entre's, a few garbage bags and heavy duty 2.5 gallon ziplocks, purifier tabs, radio. copies of important papers

this is the small one for house fire or such.

Ther is a full size backpack for teotwawki.
ive moved my teotwawki bag into a rubber maid container. it sits just inside the enrty way.
I been thinking of asking my doctor for some emergency perscriptions (antibiotics, painkillers, ect) to put in my kit, but Im afraid he might think Im script shopping- for a devious reason. If a real bad situation came up, some serious medication might be in order. Maybe I should pose the question to him.....What would you put in your kit? I wonder whats in his medicine cabinet?
A few suggestions based on both my own experience and that of my niece [who had to retreat from Biloxi a few years ago].

If your preparation is biased on retreat, it is a good idea to make prior arrangements in the area that you intend to go. A few years ago flooding left me on a virtual island [I live on the top of a good sized hill]. My few neighbors and myself were able to accommodate the few who scampered to higher ground from below. We knew these people. However, by consensus, we agreed that strangers, especially armed strangers would be met with considerable opposition. Remember, wherever you are going, someone lives there already and they are probably better prepared and armed than you are. Make friends with them in advance.

The next is a recommendation based on my niece. Scan an image of all of your important documents, birth certificates, titles, marriage certificates, Social Security cards, insurance policies, bank account numbers, etc. Burn these on to a CD. Place the CD in you vehicle or bag. You have no idea of the problems you encounter when the storm that wiped out you home also wiped out your insurance agent, title bureau, bank, and courthouse records. Civilization will still exist somewhere and, as my niece discovered, producing copies of these documents will be important.

Oh, one last thing, if you stick it out in your home, the water heater contains 40 or 50 gallons of potable water.
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