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Captain38 said:
If you've somehow missed it, you might want to see my earlier post entitled LEOSA. ... f=29&t=416

I keep hearing reports that there are still parts of the country where some members of law enforcement have never even HEARD of it and certain police administrators are intentionally trying to keep it that way.
Here's a quote from my CCW hand book concerning this issue." Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Of 2004"
"H.R. 218, which became federal law in 2004 prvides honorably retired Law Enforcement Officers with 15 yrs. of service, upon successful completion of a firing qualification test, shall be allowed to carry concealed in all 50 states wherever not otherwise prohibited by state or local statues. State concealed carry instructor can provide this qualification as well as directions necessary to complete the process with the local police dept concealed firearms section"
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