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West Virginia - SB46 has been signed by the Governor. It has removed Pepper Spray from the state definition of Lethal Weapon. Those 16 years of age or older can carry it as a defensive tool. The only restriction is you can’t carry on the Capitol Grounds a container of more than 1 oz of pepper spray. This new law doesn’t go into effect until 5/11/20. SUB1 enr.pdf

All States – Seems like the virus has caused a lot of states to postpone their legislature to a later date with a few adjourning. This has caused a pause in all bills both pro and anti gun being considered in some states. is wondering if the HUGE increase in Gun Sales will have any effect on those Legislatures who return after this disruption. Time will tell.

Some Sheriffs have suspended accepting permit applications. Not only can new applicants not get their permit but those with permits for years can’t renew. One major problem for those renewing is that some states give a grace period to renew and some are considering honoring permits that have expired since the virus outbreak to remain valid for a period of time. This is all well and good if the permit holder stays in the state the permit was issued in but don’t think the states that honor that permit will honor that grace period. Law Enforcement looks at a permit and if it is expired it is not valid in their eyes. They can’t know about every states grace periods etc etc. Use caution if you go out of state with a permit that is expired but your state has extended the validity of your permit/license.

I also noticed early this morning (3/21/2020) that is offline due to Over Bandwidth. I have informed Steve of this problem. Looks like people are stealing our bandwidth again. Last time this happened a computer was downloading several documents every 10 seconds 24 hours a day using up all our bandwidth . Doesn‘t take long to go over the amount of bandwidth we purchase when they do that. It takes time to track down the person doing this and blocking them. Hopefully this will not take long.
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