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Which one(s) have you visited, which would you recommend and why.

I believe the best gun museum that I've been through that I can recall at the moment would be the J M Davis gun Museum in Claremore OK. Though they had quite a few rare and expensive pieces it was mainly everyday weapons. Mr Davis would go into gunshops, pawnshops and anywhere else that sold in those days and if something caught his fancy he would buy it. Didn't matter if it was a Glenfield 22 autoloader or one of the heavy machineguns on the floor of the meusem. Mr Davis used to own a hotel there in Claremore and he had guns everywhere in the hotel; hanging from the walls, in racks on the floor , in each room, the restaurant, even the bathroom! The heavy machineguns were all tripod or carriage mounted in the place of honor in the center of the lobby. Sure must of been more enlightened times.

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The JM Davis Musum is a great place to visit. Another one not too far away from Claremore is the Wolarock Museum near Bartlesville, OK. Lot's of old guns & buffalos roaming the grounds. One of the best display's of American Indian Headress I've ever seen is at the Gillcrese Museum in Tulsa.
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