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Gun ID Father In-Law Passed Away

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My father in law was a Vietnam Veteran Purple Heart. He recently passed away and my wife got this gun from him. We cannot figure out anything about it. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank in advance. See pics attached.


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Start looking online for Bently/Webley percussion revolvers. That's my off the cuff id from your pics. It could be an Adams but your research will quickly help you determine this.
Lots of info out there
This appears to be a rather fine example of a 1850s-60s model
They appear fairly regular on the gun sales sites and are very collectable.

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Thanks for the feedback. Very helpful.
Firearm Gun Revolver Trigger Starting pistol

I want one of these, a Taurus M66, because it is easy to find ammo, and they will knock the Hell out of a punk. A fine house gun IMHO.:blowaway:
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I agree bent/web would be good start
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