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This is my first post, and although lurking a bit, still didn't know what would be an overload, so opened a new thread for pictures. I saw some people talking about flintlocks on the other post, and others talking about antique gun pictures in general, so here are a few of mine. I see plenty of familiar names here from other forums already.

Early Third Model Brown Bess

US Surcharged Model 1763 Charleville circa 1770-1771

US Model 1795 Springfield dated 1812

US Model 1836 pistil-dated 1841

I'll start another thread for the percussion, or can add to this one...your call Baldy

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Thanks for the welcome. I've taken fairly detailed pictures of most of my toys, so if anyone wants to see any particular views of anything, let me know, and I'll be glad to post them. Also glad to provide any help I can to anyone who is fairly new to collecting. I've been at it a few years now, so if someone else can learn from my mistakes :oops:

US Model 1841 Remington

US Model 1842 Harpers Ferry

US Model 1842 pistol

US Model 1855 Springfield

Will start another post with the Civil War era

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Civil War era

US Burnside 5th model-Wisconsin Volunteer Cavalry

US Model 1860 Spencer-11th Michigan Cavalry

US Model 1861 Springfield-New Jersey surcharged

US Model 1861 Springfield-1862 date-I still shoot this one on a regular basis-forgive the rust :cry:

US Model 1863 type I

US Model 1863 type II

US Model 1865-with a shortened barrel :cry:

Confederate States Richmond 1863

Will start another with trapdoors later....enjoy.

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Thamks for the warm welcome !

Trapdoors and more

US Model 1880-trial model. This is one of 1,001 made with the traingular bayonet.

US Model 1884

US Model 1888-This is one really fine rifle. It is pretty close to mint, and the sling is original as well

Model 1898 Krag


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Wow! Absolutely fantastic brace of firearms, Mr. dcinffxva! I'm really impressed.

Glad to have you on board. If you have a moment, you may want to go over to the New Members Introduction area. The thing I really like about our little group is that we're small enough that lots of the active folks still check over there regularly to see who's who and to make new folks feel welcome.

So -- Welcome to the Forum, Mr. dcinffxva, from the big middle of New Mexico! Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing more of your beautiful collection!

a/k/a "The Gunrunner"

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Thanks for the welcome

I did post a short note on the new members area. So many familiar faces here already that I don't really feel like a newbie though :D

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Re: Your collection

My initial reaction to seeing your collection for the first time!

Then there was a 'black out period' - I seemed to have bumped my head in the fall.

Then I remember opening my eyes slowly.
:shock: :shock: :shock:

Then I tried to mumble the words, "That ain't no big deal ... ." But, I was unable to say
anything for a few minutes!

Now, that I have regained my use of speech, thinking and typing - WOW!

That's a NICE COLLECTION! Museum quality! If I knew your address ... I'd come over and get that
Spencer and Burnside!

Jeeeze - what does one say!?

Uh, I've got the 1884 Springfield, mint, cartouche of 1889.

.... Uh, and that's it!

Thank you very much for sharing those with us - a truly beautiful collection!

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Thanks Zip,

I've seen your is a nice one !

The Burnside I picked up from a guy about 100 miles away from me that had it advertised in a small town local paper that a friend of mine just happened to have. I didn't totally steal it, but I got it pretty reasonable.

The Spencer was from a gunshow. It was issued to a guy named Franklin Tiffany in the 11th Michigan Cavalry. I have copies of his service records from the Civil War, and a good explanation of how it never received the arsenal upgrades after the war. Seems Franklin deserted after 2 years, and took his Spencer with him. I have a copy of the bill that the army sent him for the Spencer, his revolver and sabre.

If you make it out to the DC area, give me a shout....I'll make sure everything is locked up :-B-:

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I've lurked many collection I've seen of the era...Congrat's on a job well done...(salute emotican entered here)... :cool:

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Thanks for the salute :-B-:

I've still got quite a few gaps to fill, but slowly prodding along. Too bad there is no way to get the history behind most of them. The Spencer was issued to a soldier named Franklin Tiffany, of the 11th Michigan Cavalry. He eventually deserted, taking the carbine with him. I was fortunate enough to get copies of his service records, which included the US Army billing him for the Spencer, a revolver, and sabre belt.
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