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I belong to a "small" gun club with a "small" rifle/pistol range. I prefer to go there mid-week when I usuallly have a few hours to myself. Sometimes, and very scarcely, others show up to use the range, and I always welcome them and enjoy their company. and when the leave, I resume my "zen" solitude state.
Only drawback of being alone in a very rural setting: one time, a car with 4 "gangbangers" came up to the range while I was unloading. The guy that got out of the car was wearing a fairly tight Tshirt. Printing throught that Tshirt was the profile of a fairly large REVOLVER. When he began walking towards me, I was in the process of picking up my Mini-14. I saw him coming towards me with the "bulge" under his shirt and had the time to uncase the Mini and very visibly insert a loaded magazine into it. The "dude" stopped short and asked some dumb ass question about joining the "gun club". From then on, I always have a holstered SD pistol on my belt the entire time I'm at this range - no son of a ***** punk kid is going to take my guns without a real fight on his hands.
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