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New here. I joined to see if anyone else is being censured in google searches etc, when trying to do pro-gun searches.

Its kind of a sad reason to join the forum . I am just not sure what else to do, in regards to trying to find pro-gun info when it seems that all that comes up is some kind of anti-gun irrational bend, touted as common sense. .

Like today read on front page of paper, which claimed that red flag laws work. Claiming that because someone said "they wished this person to die" that somehow taking the guns away prevented a murder. But most people who say things like that never kill anyone their entire lives.

Normally I don't like forums in this day and age because too many like minded individuals in one place with no apposing views leads to distorted thinking about how the world really works. It also tends to skew your sense of morals and ethics and view of the world.

Been through CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) training so I guess I am more aware of it than others.

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