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Greetings from the West Indies!

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Hola desde Puerto Rico.

As you may well surmise, I am a gun enthusiast and CCW permit holder. I own a Bulgarian AK, a Mossberg 12 Ga, several S&W and NAA revolvers, and several semi autos from different makers and calibers. My favorite plinkers are the S&W 686 in .357 Magnum and the Bulgarian Arsenal SLR 101-S in 7.62x39. A S&W 629 in .44 Magnum sleeps next to my bed stand, and my always carry gun is a Seecamp LWS .32ACP.

Glad to make your acquaintance, and am looking towards the exchange of ideas at this forum.

Dr. D.
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welcome to the forum. good to have ya
Hola, I have been down to Fajardo and the Roosevelt Roads area. Got my butt kicked playing Dominoes - fun but I couldn't keep up! :oops:
Bienvenidos Señor Doctor, glad you joined us!!

a/k/a "The Gunrunner"
Hey Rick!!!

Ever make it into the Island?
welcome from ohio :)
Not yet but it's high on my "wanna go" list! Someday...
Welcome! from the South! :cool:
Welcome from another Noob!!!! ;)
Nice seeing you around!

Welcome aboard!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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