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I have a GP100 4" SS - and I am looking for a holster - I kinda' narrow it down to “Center of Mass” – paddle holster – $60 and to Galco F.L.E.T.C.H. HIGH RIDE BELT HOLSTER - $83 .... I will use it mostly for hiking - but sometimes I would like to tuck it under my shirt ...
Wonder if someone has any experience with these specific models.

Thank you

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Sorry I don't. I don't care for retention straps on my holsters. The only one I could find in a production holster that didn't have a retention strap when I bought my GP was from DeSantis. It is a pancake style and rides high. It works well for concealment and I am able to CC the revolver with that holster.
On a side note, the DeSantis Second Six speedloader holders are also very nice. They straddle the belt instead of hanging completely off the side so it makes it easier to hide your reload on your weak side too.

Still, I can't help you with the specific models you are looking at. I do, however, have some Galco holsters and they are of very good quality.
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