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Got in a little trap shooting

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Went to the Coxsackie sportsman's club yesterday for the 4th annual shoot for a cure that my cousin started putting on. They raise money for breast cancer research and they seem to to better each year. I didn't get to stay as long as i liked being it was a multi tasking trip, i wen to see a family member who lost her husband earlier this year and a buddy who i haven't seen in over a year. Managed to get in 7 rounds but didn't do as good as i hoped, mostly 20-21's with a low of 17 and high of 23. I haven't shot since last years except a few rounds of one of those little portable trap machines so that's my excuse. Fun day though and when i got home my cousin sent me a message saying i won a Jack Daniels gift basket so now i have an excuse to go back down and shoot some more next week or the week after. They also do some .22 silhouette shooting which many of the little kids(of all sizes and ages) enjoy and some pistol shooting but i didn't even make it over to that range.
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Awesome im debating to shoot skeet today or not. Im nursing my left shoulder ATM. Not sure what i did to it.
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