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Got bored... M&P 15-22

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Now that I have press parts lying all over my bench, I decided to go sight some rifles in after playing musical scopes. Got bored with the target and needed a challenge so I weeded the range bed with a .22. Short clip just for fun. I mainly recorded it for my brother since I talked him into buying one of these little M&P 15-22’s this afternoon. He just kept repeating that it was a plastic gun... but bought it anyway on my recommendation. It’s only 50 yards but it’s a pretty small target to hit a plant stem at that distance.

Took me 3 tries as I had to calm my nerves... was in a swarm of bees. I think the camera picked up a few. I had filmed several of these (or thought I had)but my camera must have shut off after I walked away. It’s a pretty accurate little gun. I have 2 of them, both are equally accurate. Can’t beat it for a plinking gun.

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Been wanting one for quite a while now.

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