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I was wondering what some of you might be reading for pleasure. I just picked up "Pearl Harbor" by Newt Gingrich and William Forstchen - alternative hsitory. It is a good read so far and I will let you know what I think when I finish.

I can highly recommend their other series "Gettysburg", "Grant comes East" and "Never Call Retreat: Lee and Grant; The Final Victory." I honestly had a hard time putting them down but then I am a Civil War history buff and these books are very well researched.

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I just finished "Fool Moon" the second book in the Dresden series. It is a series about a modern wizard who is kind of a sad sack. My wife is into that fantasy wiziards and such stuff, I'm not. She gave me the fourth book first and asked me to try it. I got hooked. Then jumped all over the first three. Now I can't wait to dig into the remaining three in the series.

Before that, I really like the books by CJ Box, his last book In Plain SIght was pretty cool.
It is a series. The books in order are:

Open Season
Savage Run
Trophy Hunt
Out of Range

The hero of the books is a Wyoming Game and Fish Warden named Joe Pickette. He keeps getting caught up in bad things, is always in trouble with the boss and his wife. Great story lines and realistic action. I really recommend them if you like outdoors, a good mystery who done it type reading. I chew through these books usually in a few days. Once I get pulled into Box's work, I can't put them down.
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