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Hello everybody!

I am new here, and i have maybe a bit of a strange question.

I want to make a glock 17 in 3d, that builds itself up from all the individual parts, loads bullets in the magazine, loads a bullet in the chamber and fires one. Pretty neat project, but with one big problem: on internet there are no good pictures of all the small individual parts :(

Would there be any member here with a glock 17 who would be willing to disassemble their gun in all the small parts and take a high res picture of all the parts in one shot? This way i can get all the measurements and individual proportions correctly!

I only found the exploded-view pictures from the manual, but problem is that in this pictures the parts are shown from a sideways angle, which makes it really difficult for me..

If this is an inappropriate question to ask in this forum, i understand, but it is definately worth the try !

Thanks in advance!

Harley Dude
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I googled Glock Parts Diagram and got this: ... agram&um=1

Scroll down to the right Glock Diagram and you have a good start. There are also videos that are on YouTube that show how to completely disassemble the Glock 17, piece by piece.

I watched that video to learn how to pull out the trigger module to replace the standard connector with the improved 3.5 lb connector. There are many videos and DVDs available about stripping the Glock 17 down completely.
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