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So I just turned 16 and decided to start an antique firearm collection, and found a Gewehr 88 commission rifle (not Turkish). Being one of my favorite rifles, it was a perfect start. I thought I would post pictures of it as I have some questions about the gun. There are so many markings on the gun (most crossed out), and I am wondering if anyone can tell me what they mean and anything else about the rifle (I believe the buttplate and barrel band markings tell what units used the gun, but I can't read them). Any help is appreciated

Some facts about the rifle:

It is marked "S", but has not been converted to take stripper clips, and still uses the Mannlicher system. Is it an 05?

Was made in Spandau, Germany in 1889

It has a dust cover with a spring to eject the metal clip. It is marked with a "J"

There are multiple markings on the barrel bands and the buttplate. A bunch are crossed out.

Here is a link to all the photos I took. I can add more pictures and info if needed. Thanks! / gallery - IMG 4985, IMG 4988, IMG 4991, IMG 4992, IMG 4999, IMG 5001, IMG 5002


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