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Thinking about losing parts in my other thread about gun cleaning and losing springs, etc I thought I would share this experience.

When I lived in Florida in the 1970's I had a Sears mower that had the hand pull cord. I was having one particular difficult day trying to get that old mower started and broke the cord.
I managed to cut the cord down some and put a knot on the end and fix the cord.

I pulled and pulled and darn if I didn't break the recoil spring in the mower. I decided that since I had fixed the cord I could find a way to repair the spring.

I pulled off the top of the recoil unit, pried out the broken spring and that thing came uncoiled so fast I couldn't believe my eyes! :eek: I must have been 20 feet long! Holy Crapola! Just about filled up the whole garage! :shock:

I tried to put the end in the vice and make a new bend to hook it up in the recoil unit, got that done and then proceeded to attempt to wind it up. I would get it about wound up and the power of the spring would just flip it all over the garage.

That routine went on for hours and my wife thought I was ready for the funny farm hearing all the cussing and yelling that I had resorted to doing to help me deal with my frustration.

In the end the spring whipped me pretty good! I went to Sears with my head down and bought a new recoil unit! But it was a heck of a battle for a while, I was inches away from success and then BOOM!
:oops: :oops:

How about you? Any fun similar experiences?
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