All cases are inspected, full length resized, case gauged, cleaned, swaged on Dillon SS 600, trimmed to 1.750” on Giraud tri-way trimmer. They are ready to prime then load.
I guarantee my work.

Food Ingredient Cuisine Pattern Dish

Finger Bullet Thumb Ammunition Gun accessory

Watch Analog watch Clock Wood Gauge

Sports equipment Gas Skateboard truck Wood Electric blue

If you would like to try out some of my processed LC brass before deciding to get larger amounts, I have 2 bags of 100 $25 shipped each.

Rectangle Electric blue Metal Font Fashion accessory

250) LC 5.5675 fully processed $75 shipped

Font Material property Electric blue Auto part Metal

I have 4 bags of 250 or buy all 1,000 for $250 shipped

Rectangle Font Electric blue Packing materials Plastic

58) .308 mix HS, cleaned, fully processed (FL resized, PP uniformed, trimmed to 2.015 +/- (8 shorter) $25 shipped

Household hardware Auto part Wood Font Metal

Sculpture Art Circle Metal Pattern