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22 lb barrel. It's "drawn over mandrel" 1" dia. high pressure, seamless steam pipe. 3/4" wall. 12" long.

1/8" touch hole, fuse.

17 lb. white oak carriage. Cobbled together from John Deere pallets and fence hardware from the feed store.

Shoots 3 oz. lead ball, nails, rocks, gravel, nuts/bolts, C-Cell battery.

500 gr. F black powder, cannon fuse. Toilet paper wadding. Mostly we shoot "blanks." --Powder and wadding.

Smoke cloud the size of a school bus.

Echo down the valley for 20 seconds or more (function of the valley, not the cannon)

With a blank load it skids across the gravel landing about 15 feet.

Deep, throaty boom.

Cannon Mania is a good link:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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