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Hello, I have a document about a FN Browning 1922.
Could it be correct? I have never heard about a dragon proofmark.

"A semiautomatic handgun, FN Browning 1922, cal 7.65 (.32AUTO .32 ACP)

The gun weighs 665g (1 pound and 7.55 ounces) unloaded and measures 18 cm long and 12 cm high (7,01 by 4.72 inches).

The gun is made from blackened metal and the grip plates from black bakelite. It is equipped with a grip safety and a thumb safety on the left side of the frame. The thumb safety also works as a slide catch for disassembly.

The front part of the slide is a locking sleeve, which is released with a spring loaded latch on the left side of the frame. The locking sleeve is released when disassembling the gun. The gun has fixed front and rear sights. The magazine body is made from sheet metal, the spring and follower is made from metal, and the magazine holds 9 rounds.

Visible markings on the gun:

Left side of the slide:
”FABRIQUE NATIONALE D`ARMES dE GUIERRE HERSTAL BELGIQUE”, ”BROWNING PATENT DEPOSE” and proof marks in the shape of a dragon and an “E”.

Bottom of the slide:
“127898” and “6J”

Left side of the frame above the trigger guard:
Proof mark and the number “1”

Right side of the frame:
A flower, the letter “A” and a serial number “127898”

Right side of the locking sleeve:

On the barrel:
“127898”, ”CAL7m/m 65” and a proof mark in the shape of a crown"


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Kinda like this?

If so, its a Nitro proof. The 'dragon' is supposed to be a lion.
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