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Jeffrey Rodack
22 August 2019

Florida wildlife officials are investigating why some bobcats and endangered panthers in the state are having trouble walking.

CBS News reported that the cats appear to have no problem using their front legs, but are having extreme difficulty controlling their back legs. They have been spotted stumbling and struggling to walk.

One panther and a bobcat were examined by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), which found neurological damage in both.

Video footage revealed eight panthers and a bobcat showing signs of the leg condition, according to CBS.

"While the number of animals exhibiting these symptoms is relatively few, we are increasing monitoring efforts to determine the full scope of the issue," said Gil McRae, director of the FWC's Fish and Wildlife Research Institute.

McRae said experts have ruled out "numerous diseases."

They are now testing for toxins, including rat poison, along with possible infectious diseases, according to CBS.

FWC estimates there are between 120 and 230 adult panthers living in South Florida.

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Maybe some of those nasty snakes and other predators; possibly some of those lion fish have made their way into certain areas.......
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