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Florida man charged with exporting hundreds of AR-15 parts to Argentina

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A South Florida man was charged Thursday for allegedly shipping hundreds of AR-15 parts to Argentina and other Latin American countries as part of a massive smuggling operation, authorities said.

Palm Beach County resident Cristian Barrera, 47, was charged Thursday with violating arms export laws, according to federal court records filed in Miami. Two other people were previously charged in the case.

Cristian Barrera was charged Thursday with weapons trafficking, according to the U.S. attorney’s office in Miami. (Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office)

Last month, Homeland Security agents working with Argentine authorities, seized 52 AR-15 assault rifles, 189 long arms, 156 handguns, one mortar round, one hand grenade, more than 30,000 rounds of caliber ammunition, five vehicles, and $110,000 in cash in part of the operation that he is alleged to have played a role in.

On June 26, Argentine authorities arrested several other suspects and seized thousands of firearms and explosive materials, The Miami Herald reported.

Thousands of assault-style weapons and explosives being shipped from South Florida to South America were also seized, according to the paper.

Court records did not list an attorney for Barrera, who has a bail hearing set next week in Miami federal court.

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It's too bad they can't ship him to Argentina to serve his sentence in one of their prisons.
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Argentina is a lovely country with serious economic issues (again) and on my bucket list to visit and do a dove shoot in Cordoba and wild quail hunt in Patagonia. Maybe if they didn't have strict gun laws, folks wouldn't need to smuggle them in.
These guns were headed for the drug traders in and around Argentina. Argentina was once among the richest countries in the world. Then Peron and people like him happened. Sort of like California. Riches turned to S%^&t by stupidity and communism. Really sad.
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