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Once you do it, you won’t go back. Nothing feels as good in the hand as one of those finely crafted chunks of steel. If you can afford it, go with a Dan Wesson Pointman. Watch Gunbroker. I got my Pointman 7 for a steal at $1200 new. Added a set of alligator leather grips and a stainless magwell. I have a lot of nice midrange level 1911s but DW takes the cake.
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The Razorback is similar and comes in 10mm if that’s your fancy.
Wow. Very nice. Definitely somewhere in my future.

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A compact 1911 in .45
A 30-30 lever
A Ruger/Marlin 45-70 with the gray laminated stock.
The communists that run my state won’t let me have a M1 carbine or I’d have it already.
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